Managed Security Services

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), the ACE-ITS team serves as an extension of your security operations that closes the gaps between people, processes and technology. Our goal is not just the security or your data and your people, but to be your trusted adviser and service partner. We believe security starts with the people and ends with the technology and we take that approach with our managed services engagements. Our information security services span network monitoring, endpoints threat detection, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis. 
Service First Managed Security Services

The ACE-ITS Security Team

Are your internal and external networks and websites running with limited risk? Let ACE penetration test them for a comprehensive gap analysis report of what vulnerabilities are currently present. 

ACE’s Managed Security Service Analysts provide multiple benefits

  • A team dedicated to advanced security monitoring and escalation activities
  • Ensure that customer environments are monitored and protected at all times
  • Onshore around-the-clock staffing
  • Security Analysts provide segregation of duties to adhere to governmental regulations
  • Execution of predefined notification and escalation procedures. 
Managed Security Services Goals

Key Benefits to Managed Security Services

  • Improve Effectiveness: Expert signature tuning and device management ensures you will get the maximum value out of your cyber security defenses. Extensive base-lining is conducted to tailor detection and alerting to your systems and network devices.
  • Gain visibility into security activity: ACE’s security portal provides clear views into the state of your organization's security posture with reports and dashboards that allow you to easily prove regulatory compliance. 
  • Identify and respond to threats faster: With a 24-7-365 security operations center monitoring your environment you can be notified of and respond to risks immediately. 
  • Enhanced Cyber Security: With advanced threat intelligence our visibility into billions of events per day enables us to identify and develop countermeasures for emerging threats.

Managed Database Security

ACE's database security and auditing solution offers real-time, reliable protection for business-critical databases from external, internal, and intra-database threats while requiring no architecture changes, costly hardware, or database downtime.

Managed SIEM

Effective security starts with real-time visibility into users, systems, networks, databases, and applications. Real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing can only be accomplished with security information and event management (SIEM) technology. See how our managed SIEM solution can provide you with the visibility needed to maintain a secure ecosystem.

Managed Cloud Security

When your business transforms security practices that are manual, static and reactive into a more standardized, automated, and elastic approach, you'll stay ahead of threats in your cloud environment. ACE’s cloud security services span both our consulting services and managed services to help build your capabilities and get the expertise you need.

Managed IDS/IPS

 Enable more effective operation of your Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems by using our team of security experts to manage the maintenance, administration and monitoring of these devices.

Managed Data Loss Prevention

Whether for regulatory compliance or to better protect intellectual property, companies need to protect their data from malicious or accidental loss. Let ACE-ITS help improve your protect through market leading, integrated DLP today.