Intelligent Security Operations

Ensuring that sensitive data is protected on a real-time basis is a challenging task. Network perimeter security devices do not protect against internal data thefts, and many companies have recently learned the actions they took to protect their sensitive data from external threats were not as effective as originally planned. An increasing number of sophisticated attacks are countered with an increasingly finite pool of security operations resources. Detecting and managing these events is more difficult than ever as security personnel grapple with responsibility silos, distributed, and complex security and robust IT infrastructure. Security teams must review the flood of data available from endpoints, cloud services, data centers, manufacturing floors, and integrated control systems. Organizational and technical boundaries can make access to security data slow and erratic, impeding response and delaying remediation. 

 Security operations must find a practical way to overcome the increasing volume and velocity of external attacks, while mitigating the risks and damage from insider errors and compliance violations. This is not a request for short-term fixes. It is a demand to look at long-term operational processes and enable long-term efficiency. By understanding and facilitating visibility, analytics, and orchestration across organizational boundaries, ACE-ITS offers services to help you achieve ongoing operational success. Our team of security experts can help you avoid false positives, reduce cost, and identify true threats within your environment as we apply up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to deliver in-depth analysis of your security activities.   
Security Operations Center

Benefits to ACE's Security Operations

  • Short Time-to-Value: Unlike services-heavy offerings that can take weeks or months to deliver value, ACE’s security operations team delivers solutions that feature off-the-shelf integrations and content to provide immediate visibility and control over what is happening in your infrastructure. 
  • Eliminate Noise: Turn raw data, business asset context, and confirmed threat data into prioritized, actionable insights and security intelligence. 
  • Ease Investigations: ACE’s Security Operations Team provide fast, detailed analysis and instant response information to security events providing real-time visibility into critical events. Thus enabling your team to have a  rapid and focused response to security incidents.
  • Simplified Management: Manage event and threat feed ingestion, policies, and deployment through a single dashboard for visibility and workflow efficiency. 
  • Focus on Outcomes: We are committed to helping you get the results that matter to your business, which means resolving more threats faster, with fewer resources.