Threat and Vulnerability Management

As adversaries continue to advance their skills and design more innovative and effective attack methods, companies are becoming painfully aware that a reactive approach to vulnerability management is no longer effective in reducing the attack surface and limiting the damage caused by a malicious attacker. Organizational leaders are becoming aware that a proactive managed approach to threat and vulnerability management can allow them to uncover and address security design flaws and vulnerabilities in real time and reduce the overhead associated with in-house threat management. ACE’s Vulnerability Scanning service leverages the Tenable Nessus Vulnerability Management technology to perform highly accurate internal and external network scan across all network devices, servers, web applications, databases and other critical infrastructure assets in both on-premise and cloud environments. By taking advantage of ACE’s vulnerability scanning services, you can achieve a world class Threat management program that comes without the hassle, management and maintenance of an in-house solution. Since the vulnerability management program is fully managed and maintained by our dedicated threat management team, you can eliminate administration and maintenance burdens so your team can better focus on protecting critical assets and reducing organizational risk. 
Managed Vulnerability Services

Benefits to Vulnerability Management Services

  • Identification: Discover exploitable vulnerabilities and their solutions BEFORE threat actors can exploit a system and damage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical systems and data.
  • Satisfy Requirements: Compliance regulations require identifying information risks 
  • Our Experts, Your TeamExpert operational support from ACE-ITS allows your team to focus on priority duties and tasks while improving the overall security posture of your organization 
  • Track the Solution: Our integrated remediation and ticketing system allows you to stay on top of corrective actions.
  • Safety: Feel secure knowing your critical data and infrastructure assets are safeguarded.